About Ours The "Smiling Oak" is B & B endowed of confort conceived with criteria of essentiality and simplicity turns to allow a pleasant stay and to approach the people to these uncontaminated places.

The restructure that has allowed the realization of this house has been capacity to term in order to predispose services eco-sustainable and to make the system self-sufficient under the energetic profile reducing to the least one the environmental impact, taking advantage of the renewable resources of energy with the next installation of solar paddles and fotovoltaic, we are moreover working to a system of recovery of waters rain of it.

We believe in the possibility to realize a real relationship and of positive interaction between the persons and the surrounding environment, than ports exclusively not to appreciate the beauty of these places but to acquire sensibility made drowsy in one daily ruotine that compresses not allowing us to us to exercise our senses and the ability to relation with the nature and the living beings.

We have wanted to invest our resources in this project, because beyond loving deeply these places, believe in the possibility living and to work with 'human” various rhythms “, than they approach us the persons in the sharing of the immense “treasure” favoring an just equilibrium between man and environment so that he can newly be discovered through passing of simple days the possibility living in harmony with that it encircles to us, acquiring a knowledge that can accompany to us constantly in along way of our existence.

We think is important to learn to develop to behavioural relations times to make to emerge how much of beautiful in the human wealth exists, that is the ability to love to us and to respect to us as men and women in order to give back to space and time to the small daily gestures to a lost manualtity that does not hold more account of passing of the seasons, the colors, of smell and of the flavour.

It is not a dream, is not an utopy, “Smiling Oak” is one small perhaps smallest solid and tangible truth but, for we represents the possibility living in various way our time, sure we will not become rich… but our wealth is the sharing of all this with who will want to come to find to us.

“Smiling Oak” waits yuorself!

..... Soon.

Camerata Vecchia